Stock Contractor





Kelley Bowcutt started into the Stock Contracting business in the mid 1990’s. Since then “Gold Buckle Rodeo Co.” has grown every year. This is a goal that I set every year, to grow larger, and put together better stock, along with producing better rodeo’s. Since I have started, I always do my best to work with a committee to make their rodeo the best that it can be. That is our main priority.

Over the last few years I have had quite a few animals win awards in different associations. Having the best livestock is another top priority, because for the most part, I like to let them do the talking for me. On the ranch in Roosevelt, Washington we run about 60 head of horses, and 45 head of bulls. That much stock is a lot of work, but is worth all that and much more. We travel all over the Northwest, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Nevada.

In 2006 I gained a partner from Hermiston, Oregon. Rafter B Bucking Bulls, Dave and Jesse Belyea. This has been great, and has enabled me to keep my bulls more rested, and over a year with 37 events in it, they have helped tremendously. Between the two different outfits, we have about 80+ head of bulls.

I am also very proud to have what I think are some of the best Bullfighters, and Pick-up Men in the Northwest working for us. It makes rodeo performances go by very smooth with them working in the arena.

In closing I would like to say, we are truly blessed to get the chance to work with the Fort Dalles Rodeo Association in 2011, we will do the best job that we can to make your rodeo the best it can be.